Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Affordable Residential Rehab Prices

Affordable Rehab Costs – Here is a list of the most affordable centres we have found across the UK. If you would like more details on these or any other centres, please call our team on Tel: 07811 606 606.

  • 10 days residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £2,995
  • 2 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £3,800
  • 4 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £6,995
  • 8 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £9,750
  • 12 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox=£11,995

Home Detox Price

Our alcohol home detox is set at just one price. £1,295. That is all you pay wherever you live in the UK. There is nothing else to add to this price.

Alcohol Online Rehab

Our alcohol online rehab programme is just £1,299 for 28 consecutive days. This can be done at work or home or anywhere you like as long as you have an internet connection.

Affordable Rehab Costs – More options available

Affordable Rehab Costs – We have many more options available to suit ALL budgets, so please get in touch and have a confidential chat with one of our team. Its not nice living with an addiction, and we can help you break free from it. Call our team on Tel: 07811 606 606 and lets get your life back on track.

Affordable Rehab Costs – Up dates

We up date this website as soon as price changes occur. This can be down as well as up, so it is always worth popping back to see of any changes. Alternatively you are welcome to call our team 24 hours a day for free help and advice.