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Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Free detox

Our Free detox places available. Free detox is harder to find than free rehab. This is because most charity rehab centres seem to prefer client who have already been detoxed. But do not worry. We have lots of detox programmes available. Some are very affordable. If you are looking for funding for a drug or alcohol detox there are certain steps you need to take. We can help you with these. Just call our team today on 07811 606 606. We are open 24 hours, and our trained team look forward to your call. You can also send us a message from our Contact page on this website.

Never detox on your own

Detox. Never try to detox yourself or someone else without medical help and assistance. A detox done without medical help can bring on fits or seizures, and in some cases be fatal. Always seek medical advice either through your doctor or a CQC Registered rehabilitation centre.

Detox facts

What is a medical detox? Basically a detox means, in the drug and alcohol world, as being a method in which one removes all the drugs or alcohol which are causing the addiction from the body in a medically safe way. Most detox centres will detox the patient on the same drug they are addicted to make their detox as comfortable as possible, and then reducing their drug over a period of time.


Obviously for an alcohol addiction replacement drugs will be given, normally Librium among other drugs, and not alcohol. This normally takes anywhere between 7 and 14 days. In some cases it can much longer depending of certain factors. A medical detox is generally used for Alcohol, Heroin, Methadone and some Painkillers. LSD, Cannabis, Powder Cocaine and Crack Cocaine do not need a medical detox although medicines will be administered to help the patient through their detox period. In these cases they can have medicine to help restore their natural sleep pattern, and their apatite etc.

Free detox

Free detox. A detox alone does not generally sort out the addiction. We believe all good rehab centres believe addiction is a disease and is treated as such. After a detox you will need rehabilitation to help the patient through the psychological aspects of addiction. This is done using counselling, group sessions, and one to one sessions. Most centres in the UK use what’s called the 12 step program which was first invented by Alcohol Anonymous. This has proved to be very successful over the years, and has help thousands of people escape from their drugs or alcohol addiction.

Home detox

With home detoxing we use our own written programmes which are different to the 12 step programme. Why not call us today and learn the steps needed to get funding for a detox. Contact us today.

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