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Free Rehab -  Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Funding for Rehab

Funding for Rehab

Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Funding for Rehab throughout the UK

Funding for Rehab, This Rehab website is published by ADUS Healthcare with an aim of raising awareness on how everyone can get funding for drug and alcohol rehab. Did you know funding for private Rehab is available all over the country and yes, it is in your area to. It is well known that funding for Rehab it is not the fastest help in the world. But it is does cost you nothing, and it is available. If you would like to know the process on how to get Funding, call us today on 0845 3881 543. We will help you through it. ADUS Healthcare has been established since 2009. Our team has a wealth of experience, and knowledge in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry. We would like to pass on to you. We are a none-profit making company, and all our help and advice is 100% free.


Free Funding for Rehab. We have many other drug and alcohol rehab programmes available. If for any reason you cannot wait for Funding for Rehab. Contact us and we can let you know where the most affordable rehab programmes are in the UK. Call us on 07811 606 606 and we will help. Our team are here 24 hours a day, every day. We are in constant touch with most of the rehab centres in the UK. Our team help 100’s of people every year save £1000’s and yes. Let us help you or a loved one.

Alcohol home detox

We are now offering our home detox programmes and our home rehabilitation programmes throughout the UK. This is very popular for clients who need to be at home due to work commitments, or who need to look after their children.  There is also the option of having their tailored medical detox carried out at the detox unit, and then their rehabilitation carried out at home once they are feeling more stable. This will be carried our with telephone counselling, plus weekly visits to make sure the rehabilitation is on the right track. We have 10 days to 12 week programmes available. It does work.


It takes a lot of courage to want to call anyone for help when you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. That’s not just for the client, but the family and friends as well. So I would personally just like to assure you that ALL the contact with ADUS Healthcare will be treated with the strictest of confidence, and maturity. You do not have to take it any further once you have spoken to us, but maybe it would be nice to know what your options are.

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